Michelle Moyer_The Founder

Michelle Moyer, a native of Tennessee, spent her childhood years being raised by her parents.  She always felt that her birth was an unwanted mistake.  Though she had a rocky relationship with her mother, Michelle and her father were very close.  Michelle’s parents divorced when she was 10 years old.  While her other siblings stayed with their mom, she went to live with her dad.  Though she loved her dad, he worked long days as a police officer, so she spent much of her time feeling alone and unloved.  Because of this she began to rebel spending much of her away from home.

At the age of 12 Michelle met an older gentleman who introduced her to drugs. Michelle’s life took a drastic turn.  She began to get high on a regular basis and spent her teenage years prostituting to support her drug addiction.  After years of hiding her drug use from her father, she left home to live with her boyfriend who sold drugs.  The relationship with her boyfriend was emotionally and physically abusive.  Even after the birth of her fist child at 18, Michelle continued to use drugs.  Upon the birth of her second child, both children were taken away.  After loosing her children, Michelle began working to overcome her addiction and the abusive life style she shared with her now drugdealer/husband.  Michelle admits it took years of attending recovery programs and multiple stays at rehabilitation centers before she was able to let go of her past life.

Overcoming a past riddled with drug use and hardship was a difficult task.  Michelle credits her recovery and transition to God and proclaims that she has seen much success as a result of her close relationship and understanding of God’s will for her life.  She reunited with her children and  began to work and minister in the church. Even after overcomming drug addiction she wrestled with feelings of failure.  According to Moyer, she has had a heart for trouble women even when she battled her addiction.  Her passion is to see other women live their best life with  God as the center of their belief system.  With the help of a friend, she founded Leah’s House as a means to help women overcome addiction, tragedy, and despair.